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At Columbine Aesthetics , we offer a selection of VI Peels from Vitality Institute to ensure that you get the best treatment for your specific skin concern. Our experienced staff can help you choose the best peel for your needs, and can help you prepare for the procedure and recovery. Contact us today to learn more about how the VI Peel can help you achieve the perfect complexion!


Want an even more powerful result from your botox treatment? Combine it on the same day with a VI Peel and both results are enhanced! You'll get lifting of dark spots and sun damage, smoothing of lines and wrinkles and a more bright and even skin tone. 


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Who can get it? 

Vi Peels are approved for anyone aged 14 and up and for all Fitzpatrick skin types 1-6! 

Any prep before hand?

Typically you'll want to avoid any retinol or acidic products for 3 days prior to your peel. 

What's the after care?

You'll come home with a post peel treatment kit that includes post treatment cream and SPF 50 sunscreen. The most important post peel instruction is avoiding the sun for 7 days. 

How much will I peel?

Everyone is different on the extent of how much they peel (a quick Google search will show you the more extreme peeling!!) But guess what, even if you don't peel that much, you still will reap the benefits provided by this dermal peel.

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